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Andy Frank Excavating Pool Digging and Filling

Pool Digging

What could be better than cooling off in your own private pool? If you want to create the perfect outdoor getaway, you need to build an inground pool, and Andy Frank Excavating wants to help! Our expert excavators have been in the business for years and have the tools and expertise to dig you a beautiful pool according to your needs.

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Discuss Your Pool with Our Excavators

Before our experts can bring our diggers and excavating gear to your property, we need to understand the scope of the project ahead. Our team will take the time to meet with you, survey your location and make a detailed plan.

If you’re ready to get started, our team is happy to schedule a meeting at your earliest convenience, so please let us know your schedule!

Understand the Pool Excavation Process

When you’re looking to build a pool on your private property, there is a lot to consider. To feel prepared before the project commences, there are a few things you should understand about the process – let’s take a look.


Before excavation day, there are a few different ways you can prepare your property. You can start by removing any yard furniture, potted plants, gardening tools, debris, etc. You want your lawn to be as clear as possible. Removing fencing and gates may be necessary to accommodate excavation equipment too.

Our team can go over the preparation process with you during our consultation.


The amount of time it takes to dig your pool will depend on a few different variables, including:

  • - Size of the hole
  • - Condition of the soil
  • - Layout of your yard
  • - Weather
  • - Large rocks beneath the soil

Most pool digging projects can be completed in a few hours or within a day at the most!

Dirt Disposal

You may be wondering – what do you do with the excess dirt after you dig a hole that big?

Our team uses a state-of-the-art excavator to remove dirt, rocks, and gravel where the pool will be built. While some of the excess dirt will be used for backfilling, the rest will be loaded into dump trucks and removed from your property for good. Our team is committed to disposing of excess dirt in a responsible manner and will use the material in other local projects, so it doesn’t go to waste.

If you have more questions about the pool excavation process, our team invites you to get in touch with us at any time. We are always happy to chat with prospective clients.

Organized and Respectful Excavators

Let’s not beat around the bush, digging a pool is a messy and extensive project – our team, however, is committed to making the process as smooth as possible. We will use nothing but the utmost care and respect when working on your property, completing the job quickly without overlooking the details. Our staff will be available to answer any questions you have before, during, or after the digging is completed.

Reach our Excavators Today

Are you considering creating the perfect backyard to have a staycation in? Andy Frank Excavating offers experienced pool digging and filling services at affordable rates. We’ve built a solid reputation as a team of excavation specialists in Pickering who can provide the high-quality pool services suited to each client’s needs.

Expert Installation or Removal of Inground and Above Ground Pools

Whether you’re planning to install an in-ground or above-ground pool, consult with an Andy Frank Excavating professional before you start digging for a complete evaluation of your property and to prevent any hazards or unnecessary delays.

Getting the ground ready for your pool installation is subject to specific codes and regulations in Toronto. Andy Frank Excavating professionally evaluates your property to avoid any potential problems down the road. Our licensed and insured team of excavators ensures you will soon be enjoying a swim in your own pool following our thorough planning.

Hire Pool Excavators Who Provide A Complete Range of Services

Whether you need excavation for a new pool or want to remove and old one and restore your property, contact a Andy Frank Excavating staff member for information about any of the following:

  • - Layout plans on your property for in ground, or above ground pools
  • - Ground levelling before installation, or after pool filling
  • - Pool removal and landscape restoration
  • - Property clearing and clean-up

Andy Frank Excavating is recognized as a dependable and efficient Toronto excavator who can provide the pool digging and filing services for safe pool installation or pool removal. Call us at (416) 429-2623 for information and a free estimate.

Andy Frank Excavating provides consultation for:

  • - Appropriate pool sizing and location
  • - Professional assessment of underground and overhead utility lines
  • - Land surveying and ground levelling

Our installation checklist includes every logistical concern and was created over years of successful pool digging and filling projects. Our staff can also discuss the most cost-effective solutions and offer helpful advice for your pool in the Pickering area.

Precision Pool Excavation

Adding value to your home with a pool is the perfect way to enjoy the great outdoors with family and friends or to have a nice, relaxing dip to cool off on a hot day. Our pool excavation technicians understand how important it is to create a sustainable oasis on your behalf. When you entrust us with your site work, we guarantee top results. In fact, you can always count on us to:

  • - Be ready for work on time
  • - Respect your property, deadlines, and budget
  • - Follow strict building code and safety regulations
  • - Provide transparent quotes
  • - Honor our commitment to the success of the project

Installing a pool should be an exciting time that is free from worry and stress. Be sure to partner with the area’s top-recommend pool digging contractor for this reason. Give us a call today to get started.

Advanced Pool Digging Equipment

State-of-the-art pool digging equipment allows us to work with great speed and efficiency— without cutting any corners. We are dedicated to providing you with precise and superior quality results that will enable you to enjoy the swimming atmosphere you’ve always wanted.

No matter what size, shape, or style of pool you choose, we’re the experienced team with the right certifications and experience to produce exceptional finished results. Connect with us today to discuss your goals and request a risk-free estimate.

Pool Demolition

Need to remove an aging or unusable pool from your property? In addition to being among the top pool digging companies, we also have a solid reputation for reliable pool demolition. Reach out to our team to get started with a no-obligation estimate.

Top Tips from Experienced Pool Diggers

You may be tempted to start digging on your own to save time and money. However, this is not something we usually recommend. Expert pool diggers use expensive machinery to survey and level the ground, clear out large rocks, and avoid any utility or plumbing infrastructure. You may run into unexpected problems on your own.

Here are some tips from our licensed pool diggers:

Expect a Lot of Dirt

When we say you should expect a lot of dirt, we mean it. Picture a giant pile of dirt, and then multiply that number by 5. That’s usually about how much earth needs to be removed from your property in order to produce a perfect hole for your new pool.

When it comes to dirt, you have a couple of options. The first is to use some of the soil to fill in or level other areas of your property. The second is to allow our team to safely and responsibly transport and dispose of the soil on your behalf.

Are there places in your yard that could use a little extra fill? Would you like to discuss soil removal options that are affordable? Connect with our team to discuss your goals!

Permits are Required Before Work Can Begin

Applying for and receiving the proper permitting is essential to installing the perfect pool for your needs. We’ll help streamline the application process, ensuring you have a smooth and stress-free experience from start to finish.

Digging a Pool in a Small Backyard is Possible

Virtually anything is possible when you partner with us, even digging a pool in a small backyard. Don’t hesitate to explore cost-saving options that will bring your aquatic dreams to life.