Demolition in Toronto

Contact Andy Frank Excavating for your next demolition job. We have plenty of experience helping residential and commercial property owners and developers with their demolition needs. For years we have done so safely, tidily, quickly, and entirely, to every one of our clients' complete satisfaction.

Get in touch with us if you are ready to experience every one of our positive attributes as demolition contractors. We aim to provide effective demolition affordably.

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Trusted Demolition Contractor

We are trusted for a wide array of demolition projects because we care about the quality of work we provide and strive to deliver an improved service every job.

With our demolition expertise, we aim to provide a usable groundwork for the next project. This is a responsibility we take seriously because we know how important this is in the process of whatever you are developing on that site next.

Call Andy Frank Excavating and receive a demolition contractor with great success in the field and a motivation to provide great work every time.

Multi-Purpose Demolition Services

Destruction is necessary for creation. A harsh reality proven true for time immemorial. If you are expanding a building from the inside or adding an addition to it, or building a new property where one currently stands, demolition is necessary if you are clearing land.

We can help with:

  • Residential demolition
  • Commercial and industrial demolition
  • Foundation removal
  • Swimming pool renewal
  • Barn and silo demolition
  • Building demolition
  • Concrete demolition
  • Demolition hauling
  • And more

Safe Residential and Commercial Demolition

Toronto's good citizens, business owners, and property owners have trusted Andy Frank Excavating for their residential and commercial demolition needs for many years now because we operate swiftly, effectively, and, more importantly, safely.

In bringing buildings down, there is a risk of injury. Buildings consist of many potentially heavy, rigid sharp, toxic, particulate materials. In every job we take on, before the destruction of the building commences, we will clear the property. Once it has been confirmed that it is safe to begin demolition, the demolition will be carried out by a team of professionals dressed in proper safety attire, carrying all necessary licenses and credentials to get the job done safely.

Get in Touch with Our Demolition Contractors

For an innovative and effective demolition company, please contact Andy Frank Excavating. We look forward to applying our many years of expertise to your property, getting the demolition done safely, and hauling the debris off accordingly so you can get started on the next step of your project. 

Our helpful representatives are always ready to take your call and direct you in the most beneficial way possible. When you select our services to improve your property, we will give back by creating tremendous value for the services you need and the persistence to overcome any potential obstacles while still achieving the desired result.

Get in touch with us today to get started, and we will book an appointment with you.